Friday, February 15, 2013

To Jackson on your sixth birthday


Today you are six. I remember your tiny arms and legs waving in your incubator. Today you are all knobby knees and ribs sticking out. You want to be a "cooker" (chef) when you grow up, but most of all you talk about your wife and how you want to adopt kids with her. You are six going in 26.

You love your brother. You love everyone so much and you love to cuddle. "cuzzle snug." You love being around Sumner when when he makes you crazy. You love Truman and especially love comforting him and making him laugh. You are nurturer.

You enjoy school and you enjoy all of your friends. You love to tell stories and you have never met a stranger. You love to eat breakfast for dinner. You love to be tickled. You ask some of the most thoughtful and difficult questions.

You are funny, kind, loving, passionate, entertaining, difficult, sweet little guy.

Happy sixth birthday, sweet boy.

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