Saturday, July 07, 2012's been a while

Sorry to have been gone so long!

I have taken so many pictures that our computer has run out of space. It's funny because we added more, but apparently I need to add more AGAIN! I need to figure something out, and quickly, because I need to get pictures from the fourth off my camera.

So many things have changed with Truman. It makes me sad to see him growing so quickly. A week ago today we noticed Truman was getting up on all fours and doing a little bit of rocking. I honestly didn't believe it until I saw him do it again, and again. He really can make his way around a room now, and we are starting to have trouble with him getting into things. On Thursday he got his hands on a coupon for lansinoh bags of all things, and ate part of the coupon. (Caught it in time!) He also really enjoys stickers. His combination of scooting, pushing with his feet, and rolling can really get him from one place to another quickly.

In the last few days we have noticed he can stay in a sitting position for a long time if placed there. For a while now  we have noticed he has been trying to sit up when lying or in a semi-reclined position. Yesterday he sat for over 5 minutes when I placed him in a sitting position. Amazing!

Nursing has been a bit of a struggle as it seems he is distracted by everything and everyone. He wants to play with something in his hands, pull my hair, watch his brothers, and laugh. Pretty much anything but nurse.

Truman has now tried all the veggies and is on two solid meals a day. I plan to move him up to three next week. Soon he will start fruit.

Jack has been especially lovey the last month or so. Being out of school has been blissful for him. He really is a different kid when he doesn't have to do fine motor tasks. He has been making tons of "inventions" around the house, and he has been back to loving on his stuffed hot potato and his finger puppet "Barbin." 

Sumner has been struggling a bit because Kay is really pushing him in OT. He's had some great days though and had a huge breakthrough when he started one on one swim lessons last Tuesday. Although he complained, had anxiety, and freaked, he ended up warming up to the teacher and loving it. He can't stop talking about when he gets to go back, and also when soccer starts back up in the fall.

Jack, of course, loved the swimming lessons too. It was amazing to see how much they covered, and he's been talking about when he can start swimming with his "team."

The summers are difficult in a lot of ways because I feel like we cram in so many doctors appointments and therapies, but easier in many other ways because I sense the boys are so much more relaxed. They can swim, get out and play, and in general get their energy out.

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