Sunday, June 10, 2012

Apoocalypse 2012

Tonight we began "the great cleanup of 2012." Wait...let me back up. (Pardon the pun!)

Last Wednesday we were able to secure a last minute appointment for Summy with the GI doctor at Children's hospital. We've been waiting months to see him and had an August appointment.

After going over everything we have been doing and everything we have done, he assured us it was all what we should have been doing. An internal exam revealed that the muscles were strong but the colon was stretched to the size of an adult. (My heart hurts writing that!) He told us "some cases are easy, others hard. Sumner is hard."

So tonight we began "a-poo-calypse 2012" as I am calling it. A 5 day regime of Miralax, ducolax by mouth, and adult enemas. Followed by daily Miralax and 3x a week suppositories. We return in 5 weeks for a recheck.

I wish I could wrap our house in a preemptive pull-up!

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