Wednesday, June 13, 2012

6 months old!

Truman is 6 months old today.

It seems so hard to believe. Where has the time gone? Gone is the newborn who was so needy and instead is a little determined man who has a million places to go and things to do. Rolling over? Check. Hands and feet in the mouth? Check! Truman can now get all over the room with a mix of head pushing/scooting, rolling and kicking with his legs. He loves toys, particularly a spinning one that plays music. He loves his taggie. He can pick his paci up off a table and can take it from your hands. He loves to grab my face, hair...anbd he does this silly thing where he scrunches his hands in and out in and out. He loves to be tickled and laughs all the time. He adores his brothers. He is just SO grown up!

Tonight he tries food for the first time...Jack and Summy can't wait to feed him. Wish us luck!

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