Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Some things I don't want to forget:

Truman is so sweet. He's still sleeping a ton but when he is awake, he just looks all around. My favorite thing he does that is so "him?" He lifts his leg up when he is nursing. It cracks me up! He either props it on me, or I hold it for him.

Jack is so sweet with the few words he pronounces incorrectly. My favorite? "Pikeyporn" instead of porcupine.

Summy has been so into Mario...he puts a Frisbee on his head and pretends he in invincible, running around the house. While he runs, he sings the invincibility song. Tonight he was pretending to be "bee Mario" and asked to be excused from the table by buzzing. It made me laugh out loud.


Mab said...

Adorable! I write a letter to my little man every month (also a preemie - 29 weeks) so that I can remember, and he can too, the adorable things that he does, and how fast he grew from being a teeny preemie to a little man.

tbonegrl said...

What a great idea! I only write letters right now on their birthdays, but I love the idea of seeing how different they are every month!