Monday, February 27, 2012


I recently found out about appSmitten, a new way of finding apps that are tailored to you. Think of it as the Pinterest of apps! You get a newsletter e-mailed to you with apps tailored to you. (You can have it sent daily, weekly, or not at all.) Plus you can see what apps are trending. (Which I love!)

I don't know about you, but I get totally overwhelmed trying to find apps and navigate what is out there and what is good for my kids. I am really excited to try this out as a means of saving time and helping to wade through them all. My kids have ones they love, (cut the rope, where's my water?) but mostly I find out about them from other parents or word of mouth. Seems kind of ineffective.

My plan is to use it to find good educational apps for the kids, special needs apps, and apps for my music room. (For when I get ipads someday!!)

Check it out- appSmitten

Do you have any favorite apps? Particularly those for kids or for special needs? Please share them below!

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Allison said...

Very cool! I signed up for it and will see what it's all about. I do wish it listed the price of the app on the site :)