Monday, February 20, 2012

5 Year check up

Today was also the 5 year appointment for Sumner and Jackson. I was dreading it because now that they are 5, they pretty much know that this appointment involved shots. Sumner spent most of the morning trying to rationalize why he didn't need shots, ("how about instead of 4, zero!") and flat throwing his brother under the bus. ("How about none for me, just Jackson!")

It wasn't pretty...the shot part. It took both of us to restrain them. Sumner went first, and we held him down, shaking and sobbing. Sumner once removed a syringe from his leg mid-shot and has a huge scar to show for it, so we pretty much have to hold him down for fear of him doing it again. After he went (they made Truman go first) Jack climbed up, seemingly subdued. Unfortunately he had more trouble than Sumner and even bit me while I was holding him. (Totally out of character and I believe unintentional.)

Thank God the next round isn't until age 11.

Jack was also diagnosed with dysfunctional voiding. He's been having increasing accidents over the last 6 months or so, mostly bladder, and mostly when he is napping. (He still naps 2 hours every day.) Because of this, we have to start him on daily Miralax, like his brother, and remind him to pee every hour. Heavens. That is a lot.

The pediatrician also diagnosed him with Dyspraxia/Developmental Coordination Disorder. We're still actively pursing a psych eval for both kids, but in the meantime I feel like we might have a step toward understanding some of Jack's motor issues. His OT completed a BOT for him and the results were somewhat shocking in how poorly he did. The pediatrician would like him to go to a neurologist as well.

Sometimes I feel like I am swimming in alphabet soup. I keep telling myself to remember that the boys are healthy, happy kids. Well, except for when they are getting shots.


Elyse said...

Happy (late) Birthday, Jack and Sumner. I'm so sorry you had to do shots. That bites.

As far as the neuro, I wouldn't hesitate. You are not to blame. {{}}


tbonegrl said...

Oh Elyse, thank you. You rock.