Saturday, January 14, 2012

1 month old

Friday the 13th was lucky for Truman because he turned 1 month old! Our appointment at the pediatrician went well, and we found out Truman's growing great. He weighed 7 pounds at birth, had dropped at 6 lbs 6 oz in the hospital, was 6 lbs 10 oz at our followup pedi appointment, and was 7 lbs 10 oz at his month appointment. She was very pleased with a pound in 3 weeks. She told us (me) that we could start relaxing on waking Truman to eat all the time. I enjoyed sleeping 6 hours straight last night! I feel a ton better because of it! Truman's been struggling with breastfeeding and our pediatrician told me it probably is because he's not hungry every 3 hours, and we need to wait longer. Sure enough, she was right, and already he nursed better last evening than the whole month combined!

I continue to be a dairy farm and have been working hard to keep my crazy milk supply in check. I've had mastitis once and thrush once, so hoping to keep the ta tas reigned in and calmed down. After feeding Truman, I'm pumping between 24-30 oz a day. I plan to donate to the milk bank again, like I did with the boys.

Look for year in review pics of the boys and an update on me soon! Happy 1 month, Truman!


Smileycue said...

Meghan, holy cow. I get five ounces on a good day. That's four pumps. I'm crazy jealous.

tbonegrl said...

Be jealous, but then be afraid. They actually had to put me on a "plan" because it is hard to sleep, the ladies hurt so bad. Also, I hose the baby down every time I feed, and I get mastitis a ton.

Smileycue said...

Okay, not so jealous anymore. I haven't had any of those problems. It seems the women in my family have a history of not enough milk (even my cousin the lactation specialist), so I am still a bit jealous that you can produce enough, but I know that I do what I can, and I still have a healthy, happy baby. That's the goal, right?