Sunday, September 18, 2011

Disney in pictures

Here's our trip to Disney in pictures. Sorry it has taken me so long to post pictures, I feel like I can't seem to stay on top of everything! We stayed for 3 days/2 nights. The first day we spent exploring, riding the monorail, playing in the hotel pool, and eating at the Polynesian. (We stayed at the Contemporary.) Day two we spent at the Magic Kingdom. The final day we ate at Chef Mickey's and spent another fun afternoon in the pool. The trip, while short, was definitely more than enough for our kids and they had a blast! I plan to do a second post this week discussing sensory processing/special needs and how accommodating Disney was.

The boys with Nana and Papa.

Buzz lightyear.

Driving cars.

Riding with Nana and Papa

We saw a beautiful butterfly outside the place we stopped for lunch and both boys were entranced.

Summy's favorite ride: Small World.

This totally sums up how I felt riding the Dumbo ride with Jack. I am afraid of heights!

Heat index was 105. You can tell it here. I look at these and still can't believe Summy used to be too scared to ride the carousel.

Jack's favorite ride: Aladdin's Carpets.

Around 4:00 we headed back to the hotel for a break and to cool off.

They LOVED the electrical parade.

Riding the monorail home at around 10:30. Wiped.

Totally past tired at this point.

An impromptu sword fight with Goofy. The boys were beside themselves. The swords were the only toy the boys chose/thing they wanted to buy the entire trip.

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