Sunday, August 07, 2011

baby news!

Things have been going well this pregnancy. I will freely admit that the anxiety has increased as I get closer to the 28w mark, which is when I had the first bleed with the boys. Last evening and all through today I've had some cramping/pain, but I'm just taking it easy, and pretty sure it's because the baby is so active and everything's spreading out to make room for him to grow!

His measurements looked great, if not slightly ahead of schedule. He's got really long arms! He's also extremely active...I've been feeling kicks since 17 weeks!

We were both shocked that "he" was not a "she." For some reason we'd both had a feeling it was a girl this time around, but we've both really warmed up to the idea of another boy...we sure know how to handle boys already!

A slight pang of fear over autism/sensory issues/etc. also haunted me, but I've tried to put it out of my mind.

So...another boy for us!

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