Sunday, March 13, 2011

haircut trauma

Today I gave the boys haircuts and the evening ended up with me in tears. Sometimes it is so hard to have kids with sensory processing disorder because I feel pain when I see them so upset. I know it is irrational, but I feel like it's my fault, and I am causing the pain. There's just no easy way to cut their hair. It's been something we have struggled with since they were little.

I started out cutting Summy's hair, and he was hysterical about 5 minutes in. He kept trying to grab the scissors and bend his head, which scares me to death that I might accidentally hurt him. By the time I got to the back (his least favorite part) he was totally out of control and sobbing. He kept saying "I am so scared! I am so overwhelmed." My heart hurt.

Then Jack. More tears. Not as bad as Summy, but Summy was taking a break on the couch. (And still not done!) So I moved back to him and we tried bribing him with oreos, a special seat, etc, etc. He jerked his head at one point and now has a giant chunk missing from the back.

I would have, about thirty times during the ordeal, given one of my limbs to make it not hurt them. I know it caused them physical pain even though I wasn't "hurting" them. Sometimes being mommy hurts a lot. I hate haircuts.


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Esther and Brian said...

awww, i'm sorry..i do not know what it's like to have children with sensory issues but i can still feel for you and the boys. my eric hates when i have to trim his toes. goes hysterical in his own way. he always shoes me his fingers and tells me, while sobbing really hard, to please just do the fingers. that really got to me but i still had to trim his's hard being a mom!

sending you hugs...and the hair will grow back, no worries!