Tuesday, February 15, 2011

To Jack on his 4th birthday

Dear Jack,

I remember holding you as a baby and now you're just a pile of skinny arms and legs that's full of giggles. I cannot believe how much you have grown in the last year. You are our comedic relief and our little mother hen. Everything and everyone is your "baby" to care for!

You love the color pink. You have always loved it and that has never changed. You love everything sweet. You play so well with your brother and the two of you create amazing imaginary schemes. You also love to make funny faces and make us all laugh. You beg to be tickled.

Your heart is almost too big for your chest, and I worry about the day that someone will break it. You care so much for others that you seem to feel their emotions. We're a lot like each other in that regard. Perhaps that's why you're such a "mama's boy." Don't tell daddy, but I'm secretly thrilled with that! You're so smart, kind, and you genuinely want to make us all so happy. We're so lucky!

You love to sing, love to make your stuffed animals talk in crazy voices, and love to take care of everyone. You're desperate to be a grown up. I cannot believe how grown you are...no longer a toddler, but now a little boy. Thank you for being my son. Happy fourth birthday, Jack.




Souza Sisters said...

Happy Birthday Jack!! Another beautiful letter!!

Allison said...

Happy birthday, Jack!!