Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The great poo misadventure of 2011


How do you even follow up a title like that? Summy's been hoarding poo for quite a while now...probably something like 4/5 months. Oh, he'd trick us by taking us for a little ride on his "poo roller coaster:" sometimes he'd go a week before going, other times a few days. Just when I would get super worried, he'd go.

On a side note, sometimes I feel like all I deal with is poo and other body functions...if it isn't scooping cat boxes it's "skid marks" in Summy's underwear, or pee all over the bathroom walls because shooting it in zig zag streams is of course hilarious...I digress. This motherhood thing doesn't pay enough!

Last night Summy woke up crying because it had been a good week since he had last gone. I had given him a little something to get him moving on Saturday, but to no avail.

We were up for HOURS while I rubbed his tummy, etc. etc last night. No fun. And of course, I began to worry.

So I called the pediatrician, and the nurse was indignant with me on the phone: "What do you mean he hasn't gone in a week?" (you horrible mother!) "Are you sure he didn't go an you didn't know about it?" (because clearly you work and that could have happened!)

So after the guilt tripping, I set up an appointment.

Long story short, this is serious. Our kid has serious sensory issues, and a serious poo logjam up in there. And there was only one remedy prescribed.

So we went to no less than 4 locations to find said remedy. (And in the car, Sumner questioned: will the poo medicine go in my mouth? (no) Well how will I get it then?!?) Ok, ok, I'll admit, I might have laughed a little bit at this part, or at least until tears streamed down my face.

Two boxes of pediatric enema later, Sumner gave birth. Now, we must give him medicine to force him to poo daily, for months, possibly upwards of years.

I told my husband in the car: this is the stuff marriages are built on. One day we will look back and say, "these were the best days of our lives!"

Or something like that.


Danica said...

My brother can feel your pain.

My niece, his daughter, is 12 and she still has issues with poo. To the point she misses school. It's so sad. I only hope it gets straighted out soon.

Good luck!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Oh my. SO glad he "gave birth" and more importantly that you have such a good sense of humor about the whole thing.

Jared found my in the bathroom that day sitting on the toilet (not going) with my head in my hands. When he asked what was wrong I said "how many times will I step into someones PEE before completely LOSING MY MIND!" Anyways, I totally understand feeling like all you deal with is pee and poo. Ahhh, this job is SO GLAMOROUS!

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Please ignore all the grammatical errors and the fact that my last comment doesn't make sense unless you decode it. Yikes. I need to review my comments before posting but who has the time???? :)

tbonegrl said...

Becky, I LOVED your response! So true!

Danica, it is so scary, and very common, surprisingly!

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Rammy Jones said...

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