Saturday, November 06, 2010

horseback riding!!

I am going to try hard to get some of my backlog of pictures up here! These are some pics I took of the boys riding about a month ago. They enjoy it so much, love "their" horses, and are really doing well at it! Jack's steering and using his reins a lot, and Sumner's awesome at two point "jumps."

Sumner's horses' name is Chip. Jack was riding a horse named Lucky, but Lucky pulled a muscle during a session a few weeks ago, and so Jack started riding Sam. Jack asked at home that night if HE hurt Lucky, and it broke my heart! The boys particularly love to feed the horses cookies that they buy at the grocery.

Almost everyone you see in the pictures are volunteers. All of them are WONDERFUL with the kids too. It looks like we will still be able to ride all the way up into December! Today's ride was cold (in the 40s) but they still enjoyed it!

Sumner's horse, Chip

Sumner and Beth, one of the awesome volunteers

Jack petting a horse

the arena

our cowboys

View from Jack's perspecitve

Jack stretches

Sumner rides backwards

the stable

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Alicia said...

Hi, I left you a message on FB too but I was wondering if you could let me know where you go for this? Thanks, Alicia