Saturday, September 04, 2010

back to school!

The last two weeks have been a whirlwind as both the boys and I have returned back to school. They started special needs preschool this past Tuesday with the same teacher, but at a different school. Their new school is much closer to our house, which means a shorter bus ride. Thank heavens!

So far they have settled in really well, and I know it's because of the continuity of the teacher and aide. They also switched rooms at their daycare and both of their new teachers are AMAZING. For the first time, I felt totally fine leaving them to go to work, and the transition has been mostly without bumps.

Ah, the bumps. Potty training was full steam ahead, and then they started their new preschool room. All of the sudden, the pee was flying and they were having accidents again! However, once special needs preschool started on Tuesday, things have been back to normal. (Thank heavens!)

We're looking forward to curriculum night next week and getting to meet their new OT and hear more about the day to day of their preschool classroom. It looks as well that we might finally get to start therapeutic horseback riding!

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Annie said...

So glad everything is fine at school. Hope they have a wonderful school year.