Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Awesome unsolicited comment of the month

I will not even tell you who said it, as that might be way too infuriating, but here it is:

"I had a niece who had twins who were born early too. They had lots of problems, but they ended up outgrowing them. I'm sure your boys will too!"

*insert a jaw-opened stare from me*

While I appreciate the positivity, I am pretty sure my kids won't ever "outgrow" a neurological condition. While we do a lot of therapy and work to get them closer to "normal," (whatever that may be!) they are their own unique souls and sensory processing disorder is a part of who they are and will shape them into the people they become. I wonder if the person who made this comment to me would say:

"I had a niece who had a daughter in a wheelchair. One day she got up and walked! Don't worry, I am sure your boys will get up out of their chairs and walk one day too!"

Just because sensory processing disorder isn't always right there, physically in front of you, does not mean it isn't real.


Annie said...

I can believe why people say things like that.

Following HIM said...

There is always hope! I used to, and still, get comments like this. The one that really gets me is "oh, you'll tolerate x one day." Maybe I will and maybe I won't. Some people try to understand and they have no clue.

Good for you for staying positive. Sure they have their own sets of issues but they are thriving little boys!