Friday, July 16, 2010

the brain is a funny thing

We've had a lot of successes with this go round of intensive occupational therapy that the boys are currently doing. Of note: Summy tried pudding, and went upside down on a swing for the first time. Jack's attending a bit better and overall getting a lot more from his sessions. He also successfully cut with scissors for the first time.

However, there are some "down" sides to therapy. Summy in particular, has somewhat unraveled. He's started this weird grimacing thing. At first I worried it was a facial tic, but I am not comes and goes so much. For now, we are keeping our eye on it.

The boys are still waiting to start therapeutic horseback riding. They are waiting for more volunteers. We've been asked to recruit, but we don't know a lot of people near us willing to devote an hour a week.

Summer has been super busy. I have completed 5 semester hours and I am in the process of finishing 7 more. I feel overwhelmed, and like life has been very hard.

I plan to post a bunch of pics from our visit with Emma, the boys' cousin, this weekend.


Christina said...

Abby does this thing with her face too, and she shakes and tenses up while doing it. The therapist said its just sensory overload. The first time I saw it I freaked a little bit.
I hope you guys are doing good, besides being so busy!!

debi9kids said...

I so want to get Will into horseback riding, but so far haven't found anything near me in PA :(

Good to hear your little ones are making progress with therapy.

Anya said...

Where is the horseback riding? Gosh, I would love to volunteer at a place like that. Can anyone do it, or is it therapists only? (email me!)

Annie said...

Good to read the kids are doing great.