Monday, February 08, 2010

Why building a snowman means so much.

We've had a lot of revelations in the last few years. I now know that the reason Sumner wouldn't bear weight on his legs as an infant was sensory related. It led to his late walking. Why Jack had an incident every other day at daycare: his postural disorder.

I still didn't really think that we'd have much success getting them out in the snow. It is, after all, a sensory kid's worst nightmare: cold, wet and all over you immediately. Yet we persevered and they actually had fun. (Summy melted down after, but still is talking about the snowman he made.) Moving to our neighborhood has amazed us because we had tons of kids playing in our yard, and as soon as the snow started falling, you could hear the sound of kids laughing and playing up and down our street!

We got 10" according to the measuring tape, but I'm not sure I hit grass!

Yes, I also win the bad parent award. My kids do not have boots. We have our own homemade creation.

Hanging with our neighbors/friends:

A snowball fight ensued at the end of the driveway:

The boys helped me make a snowman:

And finally, our snowman!


Allison said...

That's fantastic!! And what a beautiful snowman you have... :)

Danica said...

Love the snowman! How fun!!!

Danica said...
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Christina said...

Yea!! Sounds like a fun time in the snow!
I don't have boots for the girls either...I haven't taken them out in it all winter. I should, but am thinking Abby would HATE it. But now I'm thinking she might not. :)

Annie said...

I love it, snowman are my favorite.

tbonegrl said...

Christina, you should try it. We worked up to longer time frames and started very small...a few minutes. We try to be very mindful of how they are handling it too.