Sunday, October 11, 2009

A weekend of ugh.

This weekend has been totally ugh for many, many reasons. We had thought yesterday that Jack might be coming down with croup as well, but he woke today feeling totally fine. Summy's on the healing end and has been fever-free for days, but has been whiny as all get out. Yesterday I discovered he's cutting two molars, and the light bulb went on in my head.

We have done practically nothing this weekend. Normally I'm all for that, but we're at that antsy place where we're all getting on each others nerves. That, and I have MAJOR cleaning to do before Nana and Papa arrive Friday morning.

D and I are picking fights over minor things. I am tired of asking him 1000 times to do something, and he doesn't do it. I apparently am bugging him as well.

So this weekend has been totally ugh. And not in a good way. I'll post pics from apple picking rounds 1 and 2 tonight.

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