Sunday, September 06, 2009

Halloween decision!

I think I've got my sights set on a plan for the boys' halloween costumes! They're definitely going to be a "pair" but won't be the same thing. One costume I plan to buy, and the other I plan to make. (Wish me luck!) I promise a big reveal in a little over a month, as the time draws near!

We're enjoying a restful weekend. I'm going to admit, school has totally wiped me out! I think everyone at our house feels the same way! We're relaxing, and DH is working on a big project for the kitchen. As I type, he's moving it upstairs for a big reveal!

Our OT came to our house on Thursday night to go over some post-burst observations and scores. We found that the boys moved to the 65th percentile on the bell curve. She said that they have made more progress than any clients she has ever worked with. It makes me so happy that they've come so far so fast. I can see it every day: Summy tried rice for the first time ever last week! Today Jack lovingly "rock a bye babied" his cell phone in a shoe, then gave it a "squish." (Background story: Jack is ALWAYS obsessed with a varied rotation of electronic equipment. This week it is a silver razor which is dead. The "rock a bye baby" is what we sing when he is swinging in a cocoon swing, and "squishing" is giving proprioceptive input.)

That is not to say that daycare hasn't overwhelmed them, or that I haven't noticed "new" things, (Summy is currently having issues of being afriad to go down the stairs now) but overall, two weeks out, I'm not seeing the regression I feared. And that is a good thing!


Annie said...

I need to wait until you show us the big reveal for Halloween. I will patiente (one month OMG).But, I wait,haha.

Glad to read about their progress. So happy for that.

Have a wonderful week.

Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I'm so glad that you are seeing so much progress!

Can't wait to see the halloween idea!

mrs. forst said...

Can't wait to hear what you have picked out for them!

Danica said...

I can't wait to hear what the Halloween costumes are!

Glad you are seeing progress.

Sarah Dee said...

I'm not surprised one bit that they moved so far up the curve, they are fabulous little boys.

I'm excited to see the halloween costumes too.

Julie said...

It's so great that they boys are improving! I'm excited to find out about these Halloween costumes!