Monday, September 21, 2009

Bad Blogger

It's official, the start of school has eaten me up and turned me into a bad blogger. So in honor of my past week of bad blogging, I am devoting this week to a post a day, and all pictures. Sadly, I downloaded 500 pics off my camera tonight and then promptly slapped myself for waiting so long to post them!

I'll begin with the summer beach pics I teased you about a while back. We took a trip to Jacksonville in August, and Nana's dying to see pics. Please enjoy Summy, Jack, a little bit of D, cousin Emma, and aunt Alana. (who lives here.)

The next three pictures are posted in an attempt to blackmail my children later in life. (Only kidding!)

Jack found a new favorite pastime at the beach: washing his "front" at the showers.

Jack's second favorite pastime, and yes he will never live this down, was washing his "back."


Annie said...

You are not a bad blogger, just have other things to take care.

Looks like all of you had a wonderful at the beach. My girls love to go to the beach.

Have a nice week.

Danica said...

Such great photos! OMG on the blackmail ones! HA HA

Julie said...

I can't stop giggling at the "blackmail" pictures. They are priceless!

Linda said...

That's great that they did so well at the beach with the sensory stuff. Mine won't walk barefoot in the sand! Love the shower shots! LOL