Sunday, July 12, 2009

I cried.

Summy rode the carousel today. He seemed slightly nervous but after picking out his horse color (they both chose brown) he made whinnying sounds and seemed super excited while we waited for the ride to begin. It started to move and he cracked a huge grin. (A far cry from a few months ago when we went for Mother's Day. Summy cried "I'm scared, all done!" as the ride was going, but we couldn't obviously get off.) A few times today he said "I got you" which in Summy's world is SPD speak for "my propriceptive and vestibular systems are in overdrive" But when it was over he said "more?" and cried as we got off. Being able to ride the carousel at the zoo was one of Summy's 4 goals for our therapy "burst" that we are currently in. I could not be prouder. I feel like my heart will burst.

After spending the day at the waterpark, we learned a new goal we might make for both boys will be regarding the water. I'd love to see them be able to enjoy it more.

What a huge step today!


Manday said...

I am so glad to hear that therapy is going so well!

Linda said...

My daughter has a lot of sensory issues as well. She has just started (at 20 months) to self feed and started about a month ago holding her bottle. We have OT, feeding therapy, plus other EI for her. We do the sensory bins, food play, all kinds of things! Email me if you ever want to chat. Congrats on the carousel. That's GREAT!!!!

Sara said...

Yay! What a great milestone! I always read and am cheering you on even if I don't always comment :-)

Harris Boys said...

that is awesome. I know how proud you guys are. My thoughts are with you all :)