Sunday, July 26, 2009

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Thoughts on the new header?

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Annie said...

Hey, I love it. The new header is beautiful and that picture was my favorite.

Have a nice week.

PS: How I could create a signature with my name for the blog?

Cheryl Lage said...

As a fellow twin parent with betta loving babies, I ADORE the new header. What a GREAT series of shots. Long live Fishy Wishy.

Following Him said...

I LOVE the new header! I am amazed at YOUR STRENGTH and am VERY PROUD of the boys' breakthroughs!

Deb said...

Great header. That photo is so awesome!

Laura said...

I have never met another mom of twins with sensory delays, so I'm alternately saddened to have "met" you and thrilled to have met you. I will be following your blog and I"m really looking forward to seeing what kinds of therapy things you will be doing with your boys. Cameron and Evan both have sensory delays because of prematurity and from having feeding tubes. We are working with an OT through our EI services in our County who's been great, but we only see her once a week. We are in a feeding clinic once a week with an OT and Speech therapist too. It is exhausting and I'd love to know how you fit all these things into the routine of your day.

Safire said...

Just delurking to say I love the new header. I've been reading you in a reader for a long time and I didn't know I wasn't a follower! Fixed that. :)

Night Owl Mama said...

I love your header picture its very cute

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Danica said...

Love it!