Saturday, April 11, 2009


Barring anything crazy happening during the appraisal on Tuesday, we'll be moving on Saturday, and our house will have new owners a week from Friday. I was so sad, but now I am really excited about moving in to our new house. I simply can't wait.

We've been packing and moving and moving and packing. We've done a really great job: the garage and attic are empty, and most of the rooms have only essential furniture left in them.

The boys are getting excited too. They love the new house and knowing they are going to have a cool new playroom makes me even happier. They have been "helping" move. Today they each got to push the garage door button and make the door go up and down. Jack also rose down the driveway on a furniture dolly a few times with David.

Today they've really been doing their twin thing as well. In the car they were talking to each other and laughing in a jibberish I don't understand, and tonight at dinner they kissed and hugged each other over and over. Jack is always calling for "Nummy" to "come here" or "sit down." It is so cute.

Happy Easter to all! May the meaning of the holiday make us all thankful for what we have, and that He died for us. Tomorrow after church we're having lunch at my Papaw's and my mom's going to have an Easter egg hunt in his back yard. I'll be sure to post pictures!


Following Him said...

YAY for almost being done with the moving's time...I know you are so ready!
Have a great Easter!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Glad all is going well with the move! Can't wait to see Easter pics. :)

Danica Lynn said...

Happy Easter!

So happy you found a new home and sold the old one. YAY

BoufMom9 said...