Saturday, February 14, 2009

Pictures, a party, and almost two!

Today we celebrated the boys' 2nd birthday with an elmo-themed party! We had a lot of fun even though Summy wasn't feeling his best. However, 20 people crammed in our house made us even more thankful we will soon be moving. I'll post pictures tomorrow, on their actual birthday.

Leah also posted these lovely sneek peeks of the boys' 2 year photo session:

I cannot believe tomorrow is almost here. How are my little guys almost 2 years old? Time moves by so quickly.


Rachael said...

wow, what gorgeous photos!

Becky said...

I hate to be repetitive but ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! The children that is! The pictures are obviously well done also but your babies are beautiful!

Manday said...

I am glad the party went well!

Their eyes are so pretty! Very good photos!

Sarah Dee said...

The photographs are amazing! It helps when you have such adorable little guys!