Sunday, February 08, 2009

busy busy busy!

So this weekend was a blur with packing, throwing away things, and general cleaning up. We might just fill an entire garbage truck on our own when it is all said and done. We managed to go through everything we had in the garage, and empty it so we can fill it with packed boxes. This evening and every night this week we will get to enjoy that! I also managed to full 6 lawn and leaf bags while working in the yard this afternoon!

We're gearing up for the boys turning two on Sunday. I cannot believe that in a week, my babies will be two year olds! I am starting to miss babyhood so much, I wish we could afford to have another right now. Somewhere down the line we will, and I can't wait for that day. Every day with the boys is a treasure. We're having their party on Saturday.

We decided to hold off another week on listing the house. We simply aren't ready yet. The thought of it overwhelms me, but I know we got a ton done today and that makes me feel thankful. And tired.

The results of the boys NICU assessment should be here soon, and I am anxious to see if they have come close to "catching up." I know they never really will "catch up" but I am also hoping that the results are positive.

Jack's surgery is at 9:00 on Tuesday so please say a prayer for him. I am looking forward to seeing how quickly he changes once he has full hearing capabilities.

Lastly, this weekend we had the opportunity to take pictures with Leah, an amazing photographer who also took pictures of us last September. This picture is from that session.

I can't wait to see how they turned out. We had a great time at the Franklin Park Conservatory with her. Be sure to head over to her website and check out her work.


Sarah Dee said...

I love that picture from Sept! I'll be keeping your baby in my thoughts/prayers Tuesday.

Sarah Dee said...

We got the carpet from Rite Rug. My mom always got her carpet there when I was growing up, so I'm not really worried about paying in full.
The carpet was 1.49/sq ft regular pad and installation. We upgraded to premium pad and had to have extra work for our cement floor and it ended up being 1.99/sq ft.

Annie said...

I pray for your baby boy. I imagine that you have a lot of work.

Have a great week.

Rachael said...

good luck with the move...i almost wish we were moving so i could clean out all our junk that has accumulated!

i will say a prayer for jack...

Becky said...

I cannot believe they will be 2! The boys are headed there in a couple months too and I find myself trying to hold onto babyhood also. Ugh! I hope that the surgery goes well! I will be thinking of you guys!