Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day!!!

We got at least 8 inches of snow here, and so we got to enjoy a much needed snow day today! Summy's been sick the last two days with a very high fever (cross your fingers, I think the fever broke this evening) so I was glad I didn't have to take a sick day (that I didn't have!)

Therapy on Monday night was good. We talked about some of the fallout from the first session. I had been grinding my teeth in my sleep last week which the therapist thinks is probably related to my mind reliving the delivery as it is now fresh in my mind after retelling it to her. We will begin some of the work next week to start making the new connections dealing with the trauma event and "rewiring" my response to prevent my flashbacks. We discussed that my predominant delivery flashback is being on the delivery table, arms pinned and the anesthesiologist on top of me, pushing on my throat, (so I wouldn't aspirate my food) the doctor cutting me open, (before I was unconscious) and the nurse trying to get the medicine in my arm. I flash back and remember the lights in the room, the viewpoint of looking up, the cutting sensation, but not the pain...this is what we will delve into next week. So far so good.

I took some darling pics of the boys with their elmo dolls this morning...

I have been engrossed in the Twilight novels, which I devoured in the last 5 days. I was so sad to finish the fourth and final book today because I really got into them. One of my students was kind enough to let me borrow them.

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Becky said...

Wow, I am so sorry that you went through so much in that delivery. I hope that this therapy is the answer for you. On a MUCH lighter note: Congrats on your snow day. My husband teaches and I feel like I am 12 again when he has them. SO FUN! I may have to add Twilight books to my long list of "to be read's". Jared will for sure make fun of me though b/c all of his high school girls are obsessed with these books :) But this also means I could probably borrow a copy or two also. For a while I was borrowing one of his students Gilmore Girl DVD's and he had a lot of fun with that one. BTW sorry this turned into a novel. ;) Have a great day!

Safire said...

Glad you got a snow day! We've been having some snow and ice too, but it's been a lot less fun somehow.

Anyway, I'd love to be added to your sidebar. :)

Following Him said...

Glad you got a snow day :) You deserved one!!! Hope therapy helps sort things out! I have to admit that it does help since I have been in a different situation before. Hang in there and stay warm :)

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Hooray, another Twilight addict! I SOOOOO love the novels! We'll have to "book talk" this summer.

Your little guys are cuties.

Sorry I missed your call the other night. We'll try to catch up with you and D this weekend. :)

Manday said...

Isn't it sad finishing Twilight? If you still are looking to satiate out that craving you should check out Stephanie Meyers official web page, she has "outtakes" and "extras" - little short tidbits that did not make it into the published books, along with the first 250 pages of "Midnight Sun" - Twilight from Edward's Perspective. LOL. Yes. I am addicted!!

Anyways, my blog is if you want to add it to your queue!

Natalie said...

Hope you enjoyed your snow day! You song and post made my eyes fill up with tears. I hope this therapy helps you. I did not relaize you went through such a rough delivery.. ((Hugs))

Mandie said...

I love the boys!

I'd love to be added:

G-d Bless The Broken Road

Annie said...

I know the therapy will help you. Please, send me some snow,hahaha.
Lovely pictures of the boys.

Thanks for your friendship.

Marylynn said...

Hello T-Bone! Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm glad you enjoyed my doodles.

Your trauma sounded very dramatic -wow! I'm going to assume that the faces I saw were the results. The pictures of joy coming out of agony.

Stay tooned!


Miracles said...

These are great new pics I can't believe how BIG they are getting.

Danica Lynn said...

You're always in my thoughts. I hope you find peace some day. I can't imagine what you are going through. Much love and hugs.

Those boys are just so darn cute!!!

Natalie said...

Here is my blog.

Mrs. Baby Bump said...

I was browsing "mom blogs" and saw another Twilight lover over the age of 18. Yeah! :)

Then I noticed you're willing to link blogs.

I recently started a blog. My husband and I just decided to try to have a baby. I hope to be really witty and really honest about the whole thing.

I'd love for you to add me: