Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fun at COSI

On New Years Eve morning we went to COSI for the morning with Mimi. Unfortunately, 30 minutes after arriving, Jack fell and started limping, and 30 minutes later we were on our way to the pedi for an appointment. He ended up getting x-ray at Children's Hospital and thankfully everything was OK. Hopefully we can make a trip back soon to play again and spend more time.

I was really lucky to snap some awesome shots that I had to post. The light was great. A few of Jack's are blurry because he was just moving so fast. I just got so many good shots!

This week has been so far so good. It's been rough being back at work...child abuse training made this week really long because I was stuck at school until 8:15 last night. It's been hard being away from the boys. They continue to amaze me. Summy can sing the first two verses of twinkle twinkle, they can both recognize circles, ovals, triangles, stars, hearts and Jack can name a square. Both are talking up a storm. Both love Elmo and Sesame Street.

I can't believe that 2 is approaching. It makes me so happy that they are doing so well, but so sad that they are growing so quickly. Where has the time gone?


Danica Lynn said...

They are just as adorable as ever! They are growing up so fast too.

BTW I always love your pictures. You take such amazing pictures!

Simi said...

So Cute!!! the pix are awesome as well, the bright colors and stuff make them very cool. :)

Rachael said...

wow, it sounds like they are doing fantastic! i gotta laugh that some of jack's pictures are blurry...reminds me of ella, our non-stop wild child :) love these shots...i think my fav is the 1st one of the 2 of them coming down the stairs. or the head peaking out of the window. they are all wonderful!

Following Him said...

I could just eat the boys up now! They are so cute!!! Hope Jack is 100% now and they grow up to be handsome, big boys...they are by the way :)

Annie said...

Definitely, they grow so fast. BTW, great photos.

Allison said...

Those are fantastic pictures!!!

The boys are so sweet and I can't believe how quickly they're growing up!

BuckeyeBundle said...

oh so cute pics! Of course. I always LOVE your pictures. I love the one of Summy holding #1 up! So cute!
And yea for them and all of their achievements! That's awesome!
Hope Jack is feeling better!