Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas morning in pictures

The most amazing thing Christmas morning was watching the boys faces as they came around the corner and saw all the presents under the tree. Summy promptly exclaimed "Wow!" and then when he saw the little 12.00 IKEA train we had set up as a present he quickly followed with "awesome!" The train has proven to be their favorite gift of them all so far.

Summy had to have supervised visitation after bodyslamming and biting the elmo live doll I won for the boys as their "big present" from Santa. Thank heavens I didn't pay the full price for it!


SaraBelle said...

You take the BEST pictures! Seriously, I need to take lessons from you!

So cute . . . the train pictures melt my heart. :-)

Following Him said...

LOVE the picts. Supervised visitation? Hilarious! Humor is the best medicine :) Glad you all had a wonderful Christmas!

hopeful #1 said...

What handsome little gents!

I love that the responses to the train! Ikea has such great things for kids their age and a great price range too! :)

Happy New Year to you all! ;)

Souza Sisters said...

Your pictures are awesome!! What kind of camera do you have? Sounds like you had a great Christmas!! Love that Summy bodyslammed Elmo!! Very funny!! Happy New Year to you and your family:)

Linda said...

Looks like the Elmo live and the trains were a big hit. You take beautiful photos! Happy Holidays!

rachael said...

haha, the peaches got elmo live from their aunt & uncle (and cousin) and ella is very fond of beating him up even though she loves him!

Danica Lynn said...

They are both just so precious! Happy New Year my friend.

tbonegrl said...

Thanks everyone for your kind words!

I have a rebel XT, primarily us a 50mm prime lens for pictures, and use a 430 EX Speedlight.

One of my goals for 2009 is to learn how to use my camera better!

Annie said...

They look very happy with the train. So cute

Happy New Year 2009!!!