Monday, December 15, 2008

22 months old!

The boys are 22 months old today, and I can't believe they are just 2 months away from turning two. Where has time gone? Here's a status report:

Summy: Favorite words are "uh oh," "shut the door" "hi tree" "cheese" "Elmo" and "paci." Loves to run around and chase the cats. Loves to sing. Loves Christmas lights and trees and snow.

Jack: Favorite words are "cookie" "more cookie" (see a trend?) "no" "light" and "baby." Loves to do grown up things. Is curious about the potty. Loves to flush, wash his hands, climb up into his highchair, pick up, use a spoon and fork, and brush his teeth. Is currently trying to jump.

Both boys love to dance and play and run around. Both are a joy.

I'll leave you with a picture from last night until I can get today's "month shoot" downloaded. Enjoy!


SaraBelle said...

Happy Birthday boys!!

Liz said...

aw..happy 22 months!!

Following Him said...

Happy 22 months :) They are so so so cute :)

rachael said...

happy 22 months!

Rick said...

Some of their favorite words are my favorite words too. "Cheese", "Cookies" for example.