Sunday, October 19, 2008

While my battery is charging...

My camera battery is dead so no uploading yet of any 20 month pics, but I just thought I'd share some of our apple picking pictures. Aunt e and Uncle j went with baby a too!

Today I asked both boys if they wanted more oatmeal cream pie for dessert and both shook their heads no. Summy can now say "omie!" (Oatmeal Cream Pie)

We went pumpkin picking yesterday....and I had no camera battery, so I got to take no pictures. SO sad! Aunt e and Uncle j took some for us though. Summy kept shouting "pumpkin" and pointing around the entire patch. On the wagon ride back Jack exclaimed "wheee" and Summy said "bye bye pumpkin."

Today after lunch Jack dropped his water bottle and it hit me square on the toe. I cried because it hurt so bad, and Summy came over, picked up the water bottle, threw it on the ground and grabbed his toe and sat next to me, big crocodile tears running down his face! He never actually hit his toe with the bottle though! Where do they learn these things?!?!


Sandi said...

Awww, he was just sharing mommy's pain.

Following Him said...

PRECIOUS boys...sweet that he shared mama's pain :) Have no idea where he learned this though! What a cutie
Glad you are back,

Danica Lynn said...

AW they are growing up so fast! I love the pictures!!!