Tuesday, August 05, 2008

We're home safely!

I cannot say that our drive down, or back for that matter, went quite the way we planned. We left at the babies' bedtime, assuming they would sleep the whole way. Unfortunately, they had other plans. They didn't sleep NEARLY as well as we had hoped, and so we spent many a pained day and night trying to get them back on track, only to head home and be back in baby hell again. Summy in particular is having a really rough time. It's hard not to laugh when he tantrums, throws his spit (his new "angry" thing is throwing his spit at you, or trying to) scoots backward screaming, and flails like a dead fish. It's actually hilarious because you feel for the little guy. But it wears on you.

I am proud to say I did more than 1/2 of the drive back. But this left me no patience for the above mentioned antics. And when Summy is overtired, his night terrors return as well. Fun.

Just about the time I get them back to being sane babies, they'll be starting daycare, and have a new transition.

I am in total denial that school starts for me on the 18th. TOTAL denial. I cannot bear the thought. I want to run and hide somewhere with the babies so I don't have to. I want to kick, scream, tantrum, and throw my own spit.

So today and yesterday have primarily involved us passed out trying to catch up on sleep. I have one picture to share, my favorite from the vacation. The light was great but my battery died in my camera...bummer. But here are my beach bums, looking precious. I promise to try to post more pics and catch up on everyone out there in blogland ASAP.


Harris Boys said...

OMG, OMG...that picture is amazing...I don't know why I love pics of kids from behind, but WOW!! that is Beautiful...that one needs a frame. sorry to hear the drive didn't go as planned. I'm scared, we leave for the beach in 10 days. 6 hr drive and I'm scared.

can't wait to see more pics!!

the schirano triplets said...

oh my gosh, that picture is amazing! haha, i just read what katie wrote as i was typing and realized we said the same thing. i need to read comments more often before i write my own. but seriously, the picture is incredible, i love it! i cannot wait to see more and hear all the details on your trip. good luck catching up on sleep and readjusting to life back home. and though it will be difficult, i am sure the transition on the 18th will go much better than you anticipate!

Sandi said...

I totally LOVE that picture!