Friday, August 15, 2008

18 months old!

Today my boys are 18 months old. My tiny babies, who lived at the NICU, and put their tiny preemie hands in front of their face, and waved them in the air. My little grunting, groaning babies. Where has time gone? I took pictures earlier and plan to load them tomorrow, but for now, my 18 month old babies:

Sumner (Summy) You are so sweet, cuddly, and loving. You love to cuddle and climb up frequently to sit in my lap. You are so funny...often saying "jack sit down" and "Jack no no!" You love to talk on the pretend phone, and we can't help but laugh when you laugh on your "phone call." You love animals so much, particularly our cats. You have a certain sound you make when things make you happy. You love to splash and play in the water. You sometimes get scared at night. You love cheese, and fruit, and marshmallows. You really love to push your push toys. It's hard to wake you up in the morning and after naps. Your hair sticks up sometimes like a rooster! You always rub food in your hair. You mostly say "dada" and not "mama." You love to repeat words after I have said them. You are darling, precious, and wonderful.

Jackson (Jack) You are so independant. You love to talk, and will talk the ear off of anyone who will listen to you. You love to walk, to climb, and you are so determined. If you don't get it right the first time, you try again and again. You are ornery. You think that all the animals meow. You constantly surprise us with the things you say. (Today when I told you it was time to leave daycare, you said "I don't want to go.") You give kisses freely. You love to read and often bring me books to read to you. You love to point out lights. You love carbs and sweets, and chicken nuggets. Especially with ranch dressing. You primarily say "mom" and not "dad." When you dance, it looks like you are headbanging: frequently you fall over you get so into it. You make silly faces, and you love to make others laugh. You are spirited, strong, and loving.

I love you my baby boys. You aren't babies anymore. You're really toddlers.

Today at our 18m pediatrician. appointment Jack weighed in at 18 lbs 13 oz and Sumner 20 lbs 2 oz She thought the boys looked AOK! She also said we should consider Sumner a walker as he is now consistantly taking 5-6 steps in a row, and sometimes more. We met our daycare teachers. (Daycare starts Monday) and we spent our last night with Aunt e and Uncle j before baby puff arrives on Monday.

I'll post 18m pictures tomorrow.


Linda said...

Aww...your descriptions of your kids make me want to give them big hugs! They sound like wonderful boys. Happy 18 months!!!1

Liz said...

so sweet! they are growing up so fast aren't they? Happy 18 Months!

A Mom in Jacksonville, FL said...

Awww. What a sweet post! Your little "men" are adorable, as always.

Thought of you this week with daycare starting up again...I cried and cried when Em was your boy's age and I had to drop her off after a wonderful summer of fun. I hope that they are adjusting well.


BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Look how wonderful they are doing for little 32 weekers! Well done mama & boys!

jennbecc said...

I found your blog today and thought I'd comment! My B/B twins will be 20 months next week but were due on 2/15...same as you're guys bday! Our blog is "The Adventures of Tater & Tot March!" @ How funny that our blogs have almost the same name! You're boys are adorable!