Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Summy stood up and a trip to the zoo!

On Sunday, Sumner stood up all by himself in the middle of the room! LOL! This kid does it all out of whack...no casually letting go of furniture and practice standing for him! He's going to go whole hog! He was so proud of himself, and did it again quite a bit yesterday.

On Sunday we spent the day at the zoo, and their waterpark. We had a BLAST! David's work had their company picnic so it was more than worth it to go. The waterpark was really nice (it is brand new) and Summy especially really seemed to enjoy it. He practiced standing under the water which led to him standing up on Sunday evening.

The boys seemed to be so-so on the animals. They pretty much meowed at all of them, which was hilarious. Sometimes it seemed it was hard for them to see the animals from their stroller. We just had such a blast as a family and I think it's up there with one of my favorite days of all time, we had that much fun.

Enjoy...some zoo pictures! We're headed out to visit my husband's family for 2 weeks and I'll still post and read, but won't have any pictures until we get back.


the schirano triplets said...

i love that last picture with the gorilla in the background making that face...lol!

so glad to hear you guys all had a wonderful time, i love weekends like that!

have a fun and safe trip!

and by the way...way to go summy!!!!!

Danica Lynn said...

Go Summy go!!!!!

Enjoy your vacation!

Harris Boys said...

omg, I just adore that last pic...:::must get that one framed::

and YAY for summy!!! I know mommy and daddy are SO proud!!!

have a GREAT trip!!

Collegegirl said...

YAY Summy! Have and FUN And SAFE trip!