Wednesday, July 02, 2008

pool time!

This has been a fun week so far! Some great things that have happened:

Sumner decided that my ponytail now looks to him like a cat tail. So when I have a ponytail, he loves to pet it, rub his face on it, meow, and then kiss me. A lot. It is precious.

The boys also tried milk for the first time on Monday. It is not going over well at all, and they refuse to drink it. This picture says it all:

If anyone has ideas, I'd love to hear them. I gave them milk in their sippies, and I also tried plain BM and they wouldn't drink that either. They will take a FEW sips of chocolate milk if desperate.

Then, we decided to try using spoons. They get the idea that they put stuff in your mouth, and that you make a scooping motion and then put the spoon in your mouth, they just didn't actually scoop any food. They had a great time trying though!

Jack has started to "vacuum" the floor with various objects. One time it was a pair of tongs (when he was done vacuuming, he fell in the cats' water bowl) one time it was a stick from a cat toy, one time it was a piece of trim from the kitchen floor. Every time he vacuums, he goes wooooooOOOOOOOoooooooooOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOO! It even has the inflections of sound a vacuum has.

Today we had our first attempt at the pool. At first, this is how we felt about it:

then once we got the hang of it a little, we felt like this:

The water was really cold and I think that's why they were so sad. Does anyone have a trick to heating their baby pool water up?

I cannot wait until the 4th of July! We are going to my Papaw's house (the boys' great Papaw's house) to eat a delicious dinner and watch fireworks. We still haven't decided if the boys will watch yet, but I am leaning towards yes, especially since they watched last year.

I have seen MULTIPLE attempts of 10-12 steps from Jack, but still no real "walking" so to speak. He still loves to crawl. I have made an official decision to stop stressing about my late walkers, and make an appointment to talk to the daycare. I'm not going to worry anymore about them not accepting them because they don't walk. They'll just have to.


Danica Lynn said...

The boys are so stinking cute! I have no clue on how to get them to drink milk or how to heat up a baby pool. I just wanted to say how adorable they both are and how much they are growing up!

Collegegirl said...

Suggestion time: For the pool, fill it up in the am, then let it sit in the sun for a while. Tested and approved!!! As far as the milk, just keep trying. They may want a softer sippy for a while longer!

BuckeyeBundle said...

just so cute! I love the first pictures and then the pictures after they played for a bit getting used to the water. Your boys are just so darn adorable!

sorry, I'm WAY behind you so I have no clue about the milk or warm water. Hope someone else does!

Pam said...

hee hee that first picture is so cute. ha ha ha! poor little pumpkin, i hope they start drinking the milk soon. they are so adorable!

Jared & Becky said...

So so cute! I think I say that every time. No suggestions on the milk sorry but for the pool I add some hot water from the tap to the pool. I get nervous about letting it warm up outside although now that I have a supergate I could put it inside there and warm it. Btw I am still in sippy cup hell too just so you don't feel lonely.

Sara said...

I always fill it up then let the sun warm it for a few hours.

MichelleAnn said...

I can't believe they won't drink milk! When I switched my twins over from formula to milk. I slowly added more milk until they got use to it. Today we go through a gallon of milk a day! They prefer milk to ANYTHING! As for the pool, someone else already said this, but we just put it on our back deck and fill it with warm tap water. Sometimes we even put bubble bath in it for fun.