Saturday, July 05, 2008

Happy 4th!!!

The boys LOVED the parade yesterday morning, AND the fireworks. I just couldn't believe it! I thought they'd cry or get upset, but they loved every minute. In the morning, we went to my mom's for breakfast with Aunt CC and Uncle Mike,

Mimi and Papa, and Mike's family. They enjoyed a second breakfast, then we watched the centennial parade. Jack clapped and waved his flag at the parade,

and Summy played with a balloon one of the floats gave him and waved his flag too!

They had a great time and despite the weather, we all enjoyed it. It rained lightly on and off throughout the parade.

In the evening we went to my Papaw's house for dinner and family time. We were joined by the boys' Great Aunt Lisa and Great Uncle Tim, and my cousins Andrew and Nathaniel. They had a really hard time falling asleep in such a strange place, but I nervously woke them up for the fireworks. They just sat and watched the fireworks and talked about them.

I am amazed! They seemed to love watching them and no one cried or made any sort of scared motion while watching. The fireworks are shot off at the end of Papaw's street so they are very loud and close, but neither of them were scared. They really enjoyed it!

Hope everyone had a lovely fourth of July!


BoufMom9 said...

OH! They are just adorable!!! Just LOVE that they enjoyed eerything! It's always so scary taking little guys to something like that...yeah on the success!!!
:) Debi

ps Thanks for stopping and leaving a comment!!!

Collegegirl said...

The boys are growing up so fast! Looks like they have a personality of their own. Glad you had a great 4th. Have a great rest of the weekend!

BuckeyeBundle said...

Oh, that's awesome that they enjoyed the fireworks and didn't get scared. Looks good for future holidays! :) Happy 4th! ....

and it IS a small you know A&B and their boys? How crazy! We really all do need to get together. I am so excited to be meeting all of you pros that live here close!

SaraBelle said...

Your boys look so sweet & cute!!! The family picture is precious! Thanks so much for the note . . . it is such a small world! We will all need to get together sometime soon. :-)

Kristen said...

I am so impressed the boys liked the cousin's 4-year-old daughter cries at the words "fireworks"!

Hope you had a great weekend!

Harris Boys said...

happy 4th! looks like the boys had a great time. my kiddos enjoyed the fireworks and parade too...totally suprised us as well.

Natalie said...

Your 4th of July pcitures are great! Looks like so much fun!