Sunday, May 11, 2008

Takin' Off!

The boys really seem to be taking off, especially Summy. So much has happened in the last week!

-Summy got tooth number 7...he now has more than Jack, which is amazing because Jack started getting teeth at something crazy like 8 or 9 months, and Summy not until 13 months!

-Summy's cruising!

-Summy has started talking more, and is more adventurous! He's tried diving off a few things like the changing table. Today he told my mom to "stop!"

-Summy now says: mama, dada, jack (sounds like dack) uh oh, shakes his head no, and today he said "stop." Once I heard him say "bye bye."

-Jack took his first step in the crib yesterday. It was only one, but I was so glad to be able to see it.

-Jack can now climb up onto the out everyone!

-Jack can say: mama, dada, shake his head no, uh oh, bye bye, and we've heard something that sounds like kitty. He also says "eye" and "ay" (like hey) and we don't know what they mean yet.

This weekend we had so much fun! We went garage salein' on Sat with Aunt E and Uncle J and got lots of great stuff. A 1.50 weeble wobble house has been the hit of the century with the boys. David got an xbox (as one woman selling said (a mother of twins) oh gee, exactly what you need with 15m old twins at home! LOL!)

We went out for mother's day with e and j on Sat night and today we went to Genji with my mom and sister and assorted family. They boys got me cards, D got me flowers, and a sewing machine...I plan to start making the boys clothes as soon as school gets out.

It was a wonderful weekend! Our 15 month checkup is on Wednesday.


BuckeyeBundle said...

Wow! Sounds like the boys are really doing great! It's so nice to hear about all of their achievements! Sounds like you found some good sales. I looked this weekend and didn't have much luck at all.
Happy Mother's Day!

the schirano triplets said...

wow, the boys are really doing a lot these days...i cannot believe it! congratulations! oh, and i love the new header, it looks great. happy mother's day!

Harris Boys said...

aww...I love reading all the new things the boys are doing. they will be running around before you know it :) Happy Mother's day sweetie!!!!

Collegegirl said...

The boys are doing phenominal! YAY! Hope school is not killing you and trust me it will be over soon!

Liz said...

wow! life will be changing for you once they both get walking. Looks like they are doing just wonderfully. I sometimes feel like it is taking forever for my babies to meet their "milestones" but on the one hand I feel like I get to enjoy them as 'babies' for longer.