Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Updates, Water Babies, and the best thing about twins!

I have lots to update on!

Our appointment on Friday at the dentist went very well. She looked at Jack's teeth and did in fact confirm that this is yet another wonderful preemie side effect. When Jack was intubated for his CPAP, there was damage done to his teeth. There is a lack of enamel, but it is hard, not porous/soft, which is good news. They will eventaully bond/cover it with whit to prevent cavities and for cosmetic reasons, but not till he's older. We return next year for a re-check.

Sunday night the CMOTC (local mothers of twins group) had their pool party at our local rec center, whcih is fabulous. The boys lived up to their nicknames completely and Jack truly was our little "shishy." He *loved* the water and splashed, taking turns going into deeper water with both D and I. Summy, however, sobbed hysterically and shook. Imagine this: tiny baby sitting in 1/2 inch of water sobbing and screaming, while shaking. It was all very dramatic and hilarious! He say for the end of the time in a towel on my lap and waved to Jack. LOL!

And now, my favorite thing abotu having twins:

...so the therapists have been working with Summy b/c up until about a month ago he never would bear weight on his legs. He still stands uncomfortably and doesn't pull up. We've been working on "standing" him at the couch and cheering him on, to let him get used to the sensation. He usually clutches the couch in his little hands. He can stand, when positioned, for 5 minutes now.

Tonight he was standing and we were saying "yay Summy" and Jack crawled over, stood up, and gave him a huge kiss on the cheek! Too precious!


the schirano triplets said...

what a sweet story! i love it and cannot wait for moments like that with these guys. i am excited to see how they do in the pool too, my oldest LOVES to swim!

Jared & Becky said...

Yay for the standing! Don't these preemies amaze you??? What a supportive brother too!

Harris Boys said...

I love this post and just love having twins too...what a blessing we share :)

Danica Lynn said...

Gotta love those cute little boys of yours!!!