Friday, February 22, 2008

Snow day again!

Woot! I am so happy to have the day off! I am totally spoiled by snow days but it's they only way I can get through the blah of winter and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today we're going to go get our new double stroller for the boys. We ended up getting a GREAT deal on the new duoglider...We're buying BRU's floor model which they are discounting a grand total of 35% for us. Woo hoo! Between the double stroller and the 4 convertible carseats we just had to buy, our pocketbooks are feeling the pressure! I'm more nervous about the logistics of a 39 pound stroller, babies that have to be taken in and out of the car by people, and the new prospect of coats, and bundling up, but not while in carseats. And dirty restaurant highchairs. Lord have mercy on me!


MichelleAnn said...

Congrats on the stroller! What a great deal!

I hear you concerning dirty restaurant high chairs. I have watched them put them away without washing them so many times. I always have antibacterial wipes in my diaper bag and wipe those things down before my twins even touch them. My mom bought me high chair covers for that reason, but they became too much of a hassle to remember to carry with me and with two of them they took up too much room in the diaper bag.

Harris Boys said...

hey!!! I didn't know you had a blog...I just book marked you and will follow you guys. Happy late 1st birthday to your beautiful boys :) aww...they are so cute!!!