Sunday, December 23, 2007

As Christmas draws near...

We are hard at work preparing our house...we are hosting Christmas morning at our house for my family.

It was a sad day Staurday because we took Punkin back to the shelter. I cried so hard, I hyperventilated. I feel guilty, but thankful to know the shelter is no kill and she will be OK. We may go visit her next week.

We got that sad news that David's Mamaw is probably going to pass away in the next 24 hours. What a sad time for his family, and a difficult time of the year for this all to be happening. We're probably going to go to Dayton to visit D's dad either way, so he isn't too alone...

In honor, here are some beautiful pictures of Mamaw I took...before her brain surgery, and at Thanksgiving. Enjoy.

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Miracles said...

Sorry to hear the boys are sick, as well as the other sad news. It is so difficult to lose a loved one any time of the year, but at Christmas time it is just heartbreaking.

I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and will be keeping you in my thoughts and praying that things turn around for all of you.