Thursday, November 08, 2007

News from the tader babies!

We had a wonderful Halloween, and I promise to post pictures. Jack was a hot dog and Summy was a dragon. Here's what's been going on with us:

The occupational therapist came to our house last night, and assessed Sumner as being on-track developmentally for his adjusted age, which is good news. She gave us exercises to do with Jack because he has no arm and upper body strength...hopefully these will lead to his eventual sitting. Sumner continues to sit for a few seconds at a time. Our full-scale evaluation is one week from today, on their 9 month birthday.

Sumner has been on a nursing strike since Saturday, but we saw him come around a little yesterday, and I am hoping the end will be near. From reading about nursing strikes on the Internet, I found they can precede developmental milestones, teething, or be a result in a change in routine. I am trying to keep my milk supply up in the meantime.

Hope all is well with you!

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