Friday, November 16, 2007

9 Months old!!!

Yesterday was the babies' nine-month-birthday! I can't believe they are 9 months old already! Time flies!

Yesterday was also our NICU developmental asesssment/followup. They said:

-Jack was ahead on fine motor/cognitive and almost to chronological age
-Jack was behind in gross motor because he is not sitting. He does, however, stand. He needs to work on upper body strength. (We do exercises)
-Jack was slightly ahead in speech (he says mama!)

-Sumner was right on for cognitive/fine motor
-Sumner is sitting, but was bgehind slightly in gross motor because he refuses to stand/bear weight on his legs. He needs to work on lower body strength (we do exercises)
-He is right on for speech (his current hialrous thing he does is bark/howl like Miss M's dog!)

I'll post 9m pictures tongiht!

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