Sunday, September 09, 2007

Pictures on the web!

Our latest session with Rachel is loaded! Go to Rachel's website at ( and under "your session" the password is twins.

We had a realy fun visit with Papa, Mamaw, Sherry, Peggy, and Charles yesterday! I got a chance to go with the girls to Nicole's baby shower for A.J. (only 5 more weeks until he's due!) and the babies stayed home and visited with Papa.

We were SHOCKED today when we got out the jumperoo and put it together. We'd thought it would be great for Jack because he loves to stand, whereas Summy refuses to put weight on his legs. Jack liked it and stood in it, but got frustrated when he couldn't figure out how to get it to "go" by jumping. We assumed Summy would kinda be a lump in it. SILLY US! We put Summy in and he jumped for 30 minutes CONTINUOUSLY! LOL! We totally guessed wrong...he loved it! And we took hime out and 5 minutes later he fell asleep!

I forgot to share that Summy is now rolling back to belly, (Jack rolls *everywhere*) and both are doing much better lifting their heads. Our first official therapy visit is on Wednesday.

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Shannon said...

Hi, I am new to your it from start to end! Sounds like you had a very scary delivery but I am glad that the babies are doing so well now! They are absolutely adorable!!!