Monday, July 30, 2007

Where have we been?

It's been a big week! Lots going on! Yesterday Miss M came to visit us in anticipation for me returning back to work and the boys going to have TONS of fun at her house with her and her twin girls! The boys had a great time, and D and I did too, I was just very sad to think of the prospect of returning back to work! It's overwhelming. I know it's only going to be a hard transition for me, and I'm honestly hoping it goes better than I worry it will.

Tomorrow is the boys big developmental assessment to see how far "behind" they are from being preemies/in the NICU/etc. I am curious to see how they do, and know that everything should be based off their "adjusted age" which is 2 months before their chronological age.

Thursday is Jack's big visit with the GI doctor. We haven't seen an episode of barfing (exorcist style) since the day of our 4 month appointment, but we are still having some feeding and appeitite issues. Hopefully we'll get some answers.

The 19th the boys are being baptised and we're having a big shindig! It should be lots of fun!

Sum is currently OBSESSED with his taggie blanket. I never knew how kids picked loveys, but this might be it for him. I took it away from him for a minute to change his diaper and he actally cried! We gave them each their blankets on Saturday to see if they wanted to gnaw on them, and Summy's in love.

Jack's been doing a LOT of talking and singing. Yesterday he wore himself out so throughly, he fell asleep for 2 hours in the evening on the bed with Bode, and we tucked a blanket around him and let him sleep.

The boys lost their "ramps" in their crib last night too with much success. We haven't had an episode of reflux in so long we thought we'd give it a try, and it worked.

We're starting to notice the boys like to roll to their sides more, so we are anticipating the beginnings of rolling over. We've also seen lots more of them holding their heads up!

Enjoy the pictures...5 months a little late, holding their heads up...and I'll post more!

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