Friday, July 20, 2007

Reasons why my husband should give me a massage

I discovered a cure for my insomnia! I finally convinced D to give me the back rub I have been anxiously awaiting (red: that he keeps putting off and had "owed" or "promised" me for weeks) and finally got a long, restful night of sleep last night. For the first time in MONTHS. No waking up and tossing a full galss of water behind me for no apparent reason, not checking the monitor 18 times while apparently asleep (I'm not sure why this is happening because even if I were awake, I can't see a bleeping thing without my glasses anyway) no more thoughts that people with flashlights are breaking in, and no more trying to buffer myself with a cat to prevent being stabbed by said intruders.

Unfortunately for D, now that I have the knowledge he can ensure my sleep, he's going to have some very tired arms.

1. Because when mommy's happy, everyone is happy
2. Sleep-deprived me is not pretty.
3. People are starting to think I'm crazy (esp: )

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Miracles said...

Oh how I can relate to this. As soon as the girl's starting sleeping through the night. I stopped sleeping. Go Figure!!