Thursday, July 19, 2007

5 months, and David's first feature film

The babies were 5 months last Sunday. Sorry for the delay, I know your were waiting with baited breath/had it marked on your calendar/rushed out and purchased your own 5-month-birthday-cake to celebrate too!

Sunday was spent visitng with Mamaw, David's sister Amie, his brother Aaron, his wife Alana, and our cutie-patootie niece Emma, and various and sundry other Anderson family members.

Pictures to follow soon!

David (with the help of Uncle Mike) has completed his first feature film: "Summy and Jack, the early years." Which should be more aptly termed "Summy and Jack, the NICU weeks" but he refuses to change the title. Supposedly it's a work in progress. Look forward to seeing it a million times if you are anywhere near the vicinity of our house. He already has me working on getting it on youtube.

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