Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pictures and Therapy issues

Hello all!

We had more pictures done with Rachel http://www.finelinesphotography.com and they turned out really wonderful! I can't wait to post some as soon as she is finished loading our gallery. It was a beautiful day, and while the boys didn't smile as much as I wished they would, they cooperated by mostly staying awake!

In other news, we are really frustrated with our attempts to get feeding therapy for Jack through the state. Our evaluation in April got stalled by some people who weren't doing their job, and only a phone call to the governor's office last week by me got anything moving. Unfortunately, we are stuck again, this time at the county level. Jack's been waitlisted through our local county board of MRDD for his therapy...no idea how long the wait will be...right now I am waiting for calls back from numerous people. I am so frustrated that it is this hard to get therapy for a low birth weight child who is having trouble gaining weight! It's sad and scary. I'm angry because it makes me wonder what happens to my tax dollars when I can't even get help for my infant son...who can't speak for or defend himself! So difficult!

Yesterday marked the end of my 3 days back at school (2 with kids, one work day.) It was bittersweet to be back: it was lovely to see the kids and my coworkers, but very difficult to be away from the boys. I am nervous to imagine what fall will be like.

Friday is our 4 month appointment with the pedi. I'll post stats here, and give another update then.

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