Saturday, June 16, 2007

4 month stats

Sorry to be a day late! Our fourt month stats:


11.63 lbs (11 lbs, 10 oz) 4th percentile....woo hoo! We're on the charts!
24" long (21st percentile)
16.25" head (21st percentile)


9.75 lbs (9 lbs, 12 oz) We're not on the charts yet
23.5" long (11th percentile)
16" head (21st percentile)

We discussed Jack's feeding again and will go next week for an upper GI study, and then to a GI doc in 3-4 weeks, whenever they can get us in fastest. We talked about Jack not being very hungry, and how he threw up his 9 am meds at 3 pm, and our pedi agreed we need to check him out.

I'll be posting 4 month and Rachel's pics soon!

Also, tonight is our first time out alone...Aunt CC and Uncle Mike are watching the boys!

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