Thursday, April 05, 2007

Score one for the tank

Well, we took Jack to the pedi today because he's been barfing and had 3 apnic episodes since we've been home from the NICU. They kept putting me off when I called, but mommy instinct kicked in and I called and laid it out on them yesterday afternoon. I've noticed his weight gain hasn't been as much as Summy's. The verdict:

Sumner (aka, the tank) 7lbs 3oz
Jack (aka, the string bean) 6lbs 10.5oz

I am worried but pedi isn't. I pointed out Jack is now in the 15-20th percentile in weight, and used to be almost 5oth. She's not worried. But she diagnosed him with reflux and he's going on Zantac, and sleeping in his carseat. I am hoping it helps...

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