Monday, January 15, 2007

Repost of what I posted on the nest/in the hospital!

From Erin:

Without going into all the gory details, Meghan had to go to the hospital last night. Both her & the babies are doing well and she will be able to leave on Sun. Unfortunately, from here on out she is on bedrest. (Which sounds kind of nice, but leaves alot of important things undone.) So if you could send prayers/ good thoughts her way that she feels better and doesn't stress out and that there aren't any further complications,that would be much appreciated. :) erin

From me: update on Sunday after being released

Sat at 3 am I woke to a huge amount of bleeding. I've never been so scared in my life, and thankfully, by the grace of God, they are still in there, After finding out they were still OK in there, they started asking us about delivery, and asked if we wanted to know about survival rates. I hope I never am asked that again.I was admitted, and thankfully the bleeding stopped. So far, so good. They think my cervix may have shortened, and that might have caused it. we're now in a frantic dash to try and ready ourselves in case. I go back tomorrow and might be readmitted depending on what the perinatologist says...The funny part is that the tots were so excited every time they heard their heartbeats, they tried to kick the monitors off! I've never been so thankful to have such active boys!I'm setting small goals: right now it's 30w, 2 weeks from today. I'm still holding out hope for good news tomorrow.I'll try to keep you updated, I can use D's laptop today (it's for work) but I am going to have serious nest withdrawal...LOL! I might be allowed to get online 15 or 30 min a day...we'll see.Thanks everyone for the prayers...keep them coming, their what helped us get PG in the first place. I am just glad everyone's healthy/alive/OK. We appreciate the offers of help, but because there's a high chance they will be here early, we may need more help later, and we're covered for now. Signing off from the unfun bedrest..lets hope it's a long one...Meghan, David, and the tots.:)

And today's update:

So the news is great! I went in and both babies are still well, and my cervix is measuring 30, which is really good for twins. I'm going in to work tomorrow, but then taking Wed-Mon off. There's a special test they can run that has over 99% accuracy in determining if I will deliver in the next 2 weeks. They ran it today but because it was tainted with old blood b/c of the hospitilization, it came back false +. On Monday they'll run it again and if I get a -, I am good to go. If I get a +, it's one more wek of bedrest, and then another test.I thank all of you for your prayers. I truly think that they made the difference. I am obviously going to be taking it VERY easy for the next week. We're pretty drianed emotionally and mentally (and me physically) after all of this. Your support really helped me feel better, and this latest good news made me feel even more hopeful I may still go for a while. I have everything crossed.On an ironic note, baby A's head is in the 99th percentile it is so huge. Guess I have a new thing to worry about...LOL!

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